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Digital Corrosion Analysis (DCA)

In 40 years of experience, we went from slide rule to completely digiteching, a most modern technology. Let me try to explain a massive need in our industry with as few words as possible, that is, Digital Corrosion Analysis. For simplicity, we call it DCA.

Let’s admit it, corrosion of potable water supplies in our country and around the world is evident. It really does suck! We really have been denying it for years. You can call it the creeping, slow moving crud which is why entities do not really monitor or treat it. Many have it developing slowly, but surely, the past 20 to 40 years and never really want to admit it until it becomes a major problem.

We will not argue the point that we have corrosion. It’s just never been easy to see it and quickly analyze to confirm it. Keywords are, quickly and easily. We are kicking in our digitech approach to DCA. Let us explain briefly. A field entity like a potable water facility has an interest in determining their actual corrosion level. This takes two simple steps – no cost, no phone calls, no credit reports, no purchases, no visits by salesman, no push, no shove, just a concern. Send us your sample via UPS or Fed Ex and we cover the charge. We will quickly analyze the sample and digitally submit the results to you. Click on the DCA link and observe the results sheets. You briefly fill out the first two and we put your results in the last two.

As soon as you get the results digitally, you are assigned a tech consultant who will answer any questions you may have by text, email, phone or pony express. Of course, the reports will be very self-explanatory, but suit yourself and contact us.